3 Top And Best Schemes For Investment For Child Education

investment for child education

You can give your child no better thing than the promise of a good and secured future. After becoming a parent, you have to fulfill a lot of responsibilities towards your child. First, one should start investing in various education and health plans keeping in mind the future planning of their child. But before investing in any plan, you should properly consider various necessary aspects such as inflation rate, premium rate, medical, and the cost of education. Nowadays, investment in child education has become the most important as education inflation is rising at an extremely faster pace as compared to general inflation. Parents are increasingly finding it difficult to fulfill the growing demands of the course associated with their child’s education. Therefore, it becomes a must to invest in assets that can generate higher returns. There are several new and upcoming plans for foreign investment for child education. Some of the top ones have been discussed here.

Know About Some Best Plans For Investment For Child Education 

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Every time you invest in child education, you should carefully go through its guidelines and objectives. To make things convenient for you, we have discussed some of the best schemes. 

Public Provident Fund

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This is an investment that that hat can be opened in the name of minor children. The maximum initial investment you can make in a PPF account is Rs. 1.5 Lakh per annum. Generally, people find it handy to invest in child PPF for the debt portion to create a tax-free corpus for children along with a government guarantee. The parent can take the tax benefits on the contribution made to the child’s PPF account. It is a 15-year scheme. After the end of 15 years, the amount deposited in the PPF account can be used to save tax as well as for partial withdrawals. 

Children Mutual Funds Scheme 

It is the perfect scheme for investment in child education. It is generally seen that immature investors tend to move out as soon as the market dips. They cannot understand when it comes to a long-term goal; having your investment despite market volatility is important to earn returns. Also, the fund manager gets the right to take calls to earn good returns. 

Aditya Birla Sun Life Vision Star Plan 

One of the plans for investment for child education by Birla Sun Life is Vision Star. This plan offers periodic payments during the policy term. The minimum age for the parent to invest in this plan is 18 years, and the maximum age is 55 years. The insurer is given two options of periodic payments, i.e., payouts at the end of 5 years which is paid every two years, and payouts at the end of 5 years which is paid every year. 


This informative article might have helped you gain a lot of information about making an investment in child education. Do invest in one of the schemes. 

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