3 Types Of Best Children Books – Know Before You Buy

Books can teach many things to your kid. It helps them give a different perception.  Babies have the ability to hear when they are in the womb. You can start reading books since when you are nurturing the kid in your womb. And this helps your fetus to grow a habit of reading since even when it’s not yet born. We can analyze the best types of books for your children based on their age and development.

First,  kids do not have the ability to understand books. You need not buy an encyclopedia for your kids. Nonetheless, a simple set of books about animals and birds will be helpful.

Cloth Books

When your baby is in the first year, they do not understand the importance of reading or keeping it safe. Kids have the curiosity to explore each and everything so there are high chances for them to tear the pages.

Cloth books are really useful at this stage where you can go for a variety of options. Colour contrast with black and white, animals and many books are available in the market.

Grab these for your little one, and make them enjoy their life. It is easy to wipe the dirt and also reuse it by washing the cloth books every day.  Cloth books entertain your babies with their bright-colored characters. It encourages reading at an early age and it is soft so it is safe for babies to use.

Best cloth books for your babies,

  • World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Let’s Count Clip-On Book
  • Pockets of Learning Lullaby and Goodnight Bedtime Quiet Book, Activity Busy Book for Toddlers and Children, Brahms’ Lullaby
  • Manhattan Toy Whoozit Photo Album Soft Cloth Book for Baby
3 Types Of Best Children Books - Know Before You Buy
3 Types Of Best Children Books – Know Before You Buy

Board Books

The next option available in the market is board books, where the next stage of kids can love to hold the books and read. Board books can be sturdy for a long time, easy to clean with a wet cloth.  Kids over one year can enjoy these board books where they can learn and have great development.

Board books are available in various sizes like mini pocketbooks as well as in large size notebooks. They can come in many topics like alphabets, animals, birds, rhymes, and stories. Have a good collection of board books with touch and feel, vibrant colors, sound to encourage the kids to enjoy books.

Best Children’s board books are,

  • Black and white by Tana Hoban
  • How to Be a Cat by Nikki McClure
  • Moo Ba La La La by Sandra Boynton

Activity Books

These are many activity books like coloring, puzzles and other games. A series of books are available to engage the kids happy during travel. Brain development is great during the initial stage of life. Make use of the stage with the right guidance using good books.

3 Types Of Best Children Books - Know Before You Buy
3 Types Of Best Children Books – Know Before You Buy

Best children’s books for activity-based learning are,

  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Homemade Play Set (using cardboard tubes, playdough, and wooden letters)
  • Stuffed Felt Toy Letter Tutorial.
  • Making Letters of the Alphabet Using Pretzels.

Hence, grow your child as a book lover from birth. Kids develop the habit of exploring, gaining knowledge in all the topics they like, hunger for learning by themselves.

Children can be molded from a young age by religiously following good habits. Therefore, ensure you create a continuous reading culture to create a great future for yourself and to build a better society.

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