A brief about indulgent parenting

Indulgent parenting

It is the practice of parents allowing their children to have a high amount of freedom and independence. They’re also less likely to punish their children for misbehaving than parents who don’t use such an approach. These people are known as permissive parents. While this might sound like a wonderful thing, it can be incredibly damaging to one’s physical health. It can also lead to life-threatening situations if not supervised properly.

Not only this but it will also put them in dangerous situations that they may never recover from. The following are some of the most common ways that indulgent parenting hurts children.

Effects of Indulgent parenting

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Indulgent parenting is difficult to deal with and leaves some serious repercussions. A lot of people mistakenly believe this style of parenting will result in children who are confident and well-adjusted people. This is simply not true. When a child knows they can get away with anything, it makes them feel a sense of power which in turn leaves them open to manipulation by others.

unrealistic views

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It can also give them unrealistic views on how the world works and they may become ‘spoiled’ later on in life. Children who are indulged also have a greater risk of having a drug or alcohol addiction, depression and may engage in high-risk situations that could potentially harm them.

In addition to this, if they suffer from any kind of anxiety or panic attack, indulgent parenting could prompt them to self-soothe by using substances that are not good for their health. This could lead them to develop an addiction that can be incredibly hard to overcome later on in life.

The need for control and power

In some cases, indulgent parents do this because they find it difficult to set rules and boundaries as a result of this approach. There could be several different reasons why they feel the need to engage in this kind of parenting. For one thing, it’s common for parents who were indulgent as children themselves to engage in such an approach.

This means that you may be modeling the type of behavior that you had growing up and unconsciously passing these things onto your child without even realizing it. Other times, indulgent parenting can be the result of a need for control and power.

self-soothe with drugs or alcohol

It’s incredibly important to understand that children who are allowed to self-soothe with drugs or alcohol will struggle to do so when they get older. For this reason, these people often continue to use substances earlier on in life than their peers with similar problems. It can even make them less likely to engage in treatment and they may experience several relapses when trying to quit.

Psychological Health

One thing indulgent parenting is incredibly damaging when it comes to psychological health. For example, some parents who indulge their children might say no whenever they’re asked to do something. They may even say yes whenever they’re asked to do anything else. This is incredibly damaging as it makes them feel like they can never make a mistake or experience any kind of failure.

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