Amish Child Discipline Strategies You Might Want To Use On Your Child

amish child discipline

What do Amish people do? Amish people’s greatest functions are to bear children, raise them, discipline them and socialize with people. They deliberately separate themselves from the world and follow a strict lifestyle of humility. Most Amish children are well behaved and well-disciplined but what is the real reason behind it? Let’s find out Many people believe that children are God’s blessing, yes they are and they should be given the right to question and reason whatever they want to. But sadly this is not the case with Amish children. Amish children are very well-disciplined. This is because they learn about the consequences of not obeying at the age of 2.

Amish Child Discipline

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Amish community which includes a child’s teachers and parents is not that open-minded. They follow a set of principles and they also believe in corporal punishment for their children. Now, this could be one of the main reasons why an Amish child is so quiet and well-behaved it may be because he might have suppressed his feelings because of the fear of corporal punishment. Those who don’t know about corporal punishment, include all kinds of physical beating which includes spanking, pinching, slapping, and also forcing a child to eat or drink something like soap, hot pepper, etc. Every parent loves their children then how come a parent is allowing such punishments? According to Amish corporal punishment is an act performed out of love and not anger. It is executed only with the goal of the betterment of a child’s future. But is it right to do so? What about a child’s mental health? What about the trauma that the child goes through?

There are a lot of ways through which an Amish child can be taught discipline other than corporal punishment they are:-

Resolve Issues From The Beginning

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There is always a reason behind a particular act. Always try to confront your kid. Try to understand why is he behaving in such a manner. Try to establish a connection between you and your child right from the start.

Explain Consequences

Every action has its consequences. Children might be doing something without knowing them. They might be doing something just for fun or because they were angry. Try to explain to them the consequences. If their actions affect others try to explain how they might have hurt them.

Praise Them

Many people don’t pay attention to this part. They are ready to scold their child when they do something wrong or bad but what about the time when they do something good? Always praise their good behavior. This will give them the motivation to do good.


Raising kids is a tough job but Amish are not the only ones doing it. People often talk about the rebellious stages through which their kids go through but that doesn’t mean that they can make use of corporal punishments. In many countries hitting your child is an offense. An Amish child has to obey everything their teachers and parents are telling. Suppression of feelings is not possible for every child. What if a child is expressive and different from others? Will that child be the victim of corporal punishment throughout his childhood?

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