Best Education Tablets for your Child

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There’s lots to consider if you choose to purchase a tablet for your child. With educational and entertainment benefits, a tablet can be a helpful gadget for child development, if used in moderation.

If you choose to allow your child to use screens, keep track of their sleep, school work, physical activity, and any other behaviors essential to their health and reign in or eliminate screen time if you feel these areas are suffering. 

Best Overall: Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

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Amazon’s Fire HD 10 is the largest and fastest tablet from Amazon yet. The 10.1 inch tablet has charging power that lasts for 12 hours and its kid-proof case, built-in stand, built-in camera, and two-year guarantee make it pretty indestructible for little hands.

This tablet is a great option for most families. Although it costs less than an iPad, it’s still pricey, so for younger kids, older model Amazon Fires may be a more budget-friendly choice. One complaint is that this tablet can only be purchased through Amazon, so Google Play and Android apps are not available. 

Best for Toddlers: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet


If you are considering a tablet for your toddler, you’ll want one that’s not expensive, is easy to use, relatively indestructible, and age-appropriate. Leave it to the experts at Fisher-Price to come up with a very affordable toddler tablet that checks all these boxes.

This is much more of a toy than a tablet, which at a toddler’s age is appropriate given that they shouldn’t be exceeding one hour of screentime per day.1 It doesn’t connect to the internet or have any apps. While the 11 x 8-inch plastic device is virtually indestructible, it may have some drawbacks, especially if you plan to use it in the car or on a plane.

This gadget can’t be charged; it runs on three AAA batteries. There is no headphone jack, so that may be a deal-breaker for any frequent fliers, but it does have two volume settings. For those toddlers that are tech-obsessed and constantly stealing mom or dad’s phone or tablet, this could be a good alternative. Given the price, it’s a useful toy, but don’t expect it to grow with your child into elementary age. 

Best for Elementary School: Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite

For those families looking for some options beyond iPads and Kindles, the Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite is a great choice for a child-friendly tablet. Its super-durable case and strong, customizable parental controls make it a top choice for those concerned with safety. The tablet can access hundreds of pre-approved apps, like the National Geographic, and kid-friendly choices in the Google Play store. With a 7 inch screen, it’s a child-friendly size.

The standout parental controls are what make this tablet a top pick. Parents can pick time limits, access to specific apps, and all activity is monitored on a parental control dashboard. For those that want to, you can easily download and add Netflix and YouTube Kids.

Best for Middle School: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Inch

Tweens have some unique tablet needs. They likely want to play, read, watch, and listen on the go. For this crowd, parents need a budget-friendly option that still has parental controls. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A fits everyone’s needs. It has a lot of horsepower, a medium price range, and the kids mode provides parents with peace of mind.

Fully loaded with Microsoft Office, this tablet is ready for all the school work your middle schooler will bring home. The 8 inch screen is plenty big for movies, games, and reading. Many reviewers feel it’s a great tablet for the price. 

Best for High School: iPad Air 10.5 Inch

High school students want to do it all: play games, video chat with friends, type up homework, take photos, write, draw, sketch, and stay organized. The iPad Air can do all of those things and more.

This advanced tablet is compatible with Apple’s full-sized keyboard, which connects without pairing or charging. The feature essentially allows it to morph into a laptop, so it’s useful for all that high school homework.

The display is 10.5 inches and the iPad comes in three metallic colors. Wow your high schooler with the HD camera and video features. While this iPad is a major investment, it can work as an all-in-one tool for your high school student, and may just get used by the rest of the family too.

These are few of the best education tablets for your child.

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