Best YouTube Channels That Show Child Education Videos

Child Education Videos

You want your children to learn but you do not want to make learning a boring experience? Well, all you have to do is to read on. The Corona pandemic caused schools to close and this disrupted education across all states. Six months later, they still have not yet opened. So how do you deal with your child’s education? Child education videos might be the answer.

Most children would prefer watching television or playing instead of reading. Unless you motivate them, your children will not do much learning. So how about you still let them stare at the screens but watch educational programs that will teach them priceless lessons? So, let us find out where to get the best child education videos.

It’s Okay To Be Smart

This is an educational channel from PBS Digital Studios. If your child enjoys science, then I am sure that they will enjoy the child education videos on this channel. The show is hosted by Joe Hanson. He covers topics in biology, physics, astronomy, history, and so on.

The videos are about ten minutes on average, thus very good for quick learning. This channel can also help you learn a lot so, it will not be time-wasting to watch the child education videos with your child. Especially if you have to supervise them. One of my favorite videos on the channel is “Why Is Our Skeleton On The Inside”.

Amazing Child Education videos
Child Education videos

Peekaboo Kidz

This channel offers animated child education videos. It is suitable for children under 7 years as the content is simple and easy to understand. The channel is hosted by Dr. Binocs who will answer most questions your curious child might have.

The videos cover various topics in science, from weather to animals. The channel also teaches the alphabet and nursery rhymes. Some of the fascinating videos explain types of clouds and why cats land on their feet. You can integrate the videos into your child’s learning schedule.

Sesame Street

I bet you also watched this program while growing up if you are not that old. Well if you have been around since the 70s and you did watch the program then you know it is good for children. It is not only entertaining but also educational.

The program teaches about the alphabet, colors, numbers, and other essential topics. The program also addresses physical and mental health issues. Another fun aspect of Sesame Street is the characters. It is a community of birds, monsters, and humans, including celebrities. This means more fun for your child.

Best Child Education Videos
Child Education Videos


Ted-Ed offers educational videos for children of various age groups. So, you can filter the videos according to age and even topics. The channel covers a variety of topics some of which some parents might consider not age-appropriate. To address this, parents can set preferences and get age-appropriate child education videos.

All in all, this YouTube channel will make learning fun for your child. It will also help your child learn about complex topics in easy ways. The videos are short so your child will not be bored.


I would recommend that child education videos be used as supplementary learning tools. They should not be the main source of educational material because the information given is usually not comprehensive. In addition to the videos, you can use books and documentaries.


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