Biblical Child Discipline – Hit Your Kids – But Why

biblical child discipline

It isn’t your job to simply teach your son or daughter how to act around the home or in school. Instead, it is your responsibility to teach your kid what he or she needs to be doing at all times!

This book is truly a “must have” for any parent who wants their kids to behave! Biblical Child Discipline made plain is an easy, quick-to-follow guide for the entire family! It doesn’t matter if you have just adopted a child or have been married for 30 years. If you want to retain as much of the innocence that your kids were brought up with, then this is the book for you.

How Does It Affect Your Child’s Behavior

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Of course, Biblical Child Discipline made plain goes beyond simply teaching your child good behavior. You need to instill obedience and self-control through various ways. For example, did you know that the Bible includes many scriptures about children that include, “Spare them unto me” (Ex. 15:6)? Or perhaps, “He that spares, let him be prince”? (Psalm 40:4). These and other scriptures are designed to instill obedience through fear and consequences.

In addition to using biblical disciplines, you can also employ other types of tactics to instill Biblical values and principles into your child’s life. One of the best ways to do this is through corporal punishment or spanking. However, I want to introduce something that may seem new to you: using the bible as a tool for disciplining children! Did you know that the Bible discusses spanking or using physical force as a form of discipline? Not only does it have the Old Testament’s view of spanking as being wrong, it also contains many different forms of punishment that range from the mild to the severe.

Other Books To Teach You Discipline

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If you’re looking for a way to justify your spanking, there are several great books out there that will show you how God uses the Bible to discipline people. In fact, just two of these books are available: Spanking Sacred Children and God’s Spouse: Using the Bible for Marriage and Family Discipline. In these books, you’ll find a plethora of different Bible verses on child-raising and spanking. For example, in Leviticus 13:2, the Bible says to not beat the child. The next section of the same chapter also tells you not to punish your kid if you don’t think he/she is doing something wrong. So in essence, the Bible is saying that you cannot use physical violence to discipline your kids!

How Fear Can Help Your Child To Be Disciplined

Another great way to approach Biblical child discipline is through fear. When you fear, your children will learn to fear as well. The fear of the Lord can be a wonderful motivator when it comes to disciplining your kids. This is because you will have fear when you’re trying to spank your children, and your children will also have fear. Fear instills obedience. Obedience is the key to Biblical child discipline.

Once you have gotten your children to fear, then it is time to apply the fear by spanking. Spanking only teaches children to fear, and only fear leads to obedience. You should aim for the opposite – you should be able to inspire your children to obey!

Last Words

If you have made up your mind to incorporate Biblical child discipline into your home upbringing, do your research. Read this great book. Learn some of the harsh realities that go along with Biblical parenting. The book is called – Bible Parenting Made Easy – And it is an incredible guide to help you understand the true meaning of discipline.

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