Book Review: The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven By John Van Der Ruit

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Based on extensive scientific research on brain development, child psychology, and extensive clinical practice with parenting clients, author Dr. Laura Markham’s approach is as easy as it is helpful. Her message: Fostering healthy emotional connection with your children creates permanent and meaningful change throughout their lives. Parents no longer need to feel guilty or inadequate regarding their children’s behavior. With this new parenting book, you can reclaim control of your children and get back to creating the home you and they deserve.

Key Of All Successful Relationships

Laura Markham believes that loving, positive parenting is the key to all successful relationships and that children do best when they are nurtured with love and concern. In her book, she outlines the characteristics of peaceful parenting: setting limitations, setting and enforcing rules, helping kids understand and accept responsibility for their own behaviors, and taking an active role in their emotional development. A particularly important aspect of loving and responsible parenting, according to Laura, is being able to say “no.” By saying “no,” children learn to understand that it is OK not to agree to certain behaviors or ideas.

If you’ve ever read Dr. Seuss’ “Goodnight, Moon, Goodnight, Gorilla” or heard him tell his famous rhyme” rhyme or reason,” you’ll know all about a meltdown. Children describe moments of chaos and outrage where things just seem out of control. The phrase,” Everywhere there’s a bang a place, isn’t common enough?” is what inspired Laura Markham to write her new eBook, The Pritchard Style: Creating Healthy Communication and Bonding with Kids.

Parenting Skills Can Apply To Any Age

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This calm and approachable book offers practical advice for parents of preschoolers through teenagers. In fact, Markham suggests that parenting skills can apply to any age group. As the mother of a teenage girl, Laura knows first-hand the frustration some children experience when they feel they are being pushed around, ignored, and punished. A peaceful parenting book for middle school through high school will help you find effective strategies for dealing with difficult teenagers by offering simple, yet effective techniques for building healthy relationships and self-control.

Anger Management

Another excellent aspect of this parenting guide is its discussion of anger management and how you can use your knowledge to stop the next outburst. Laura also offers an eight-week plan for parenting teens by breaking the pattern of anger with humor and constructive behavior. She offers several helpful suggestions for handling difficult situations such as how to respond when your kid wants to have sex but you don’t want to talk about it. You can use humor to defuse the situation and get kids to talk about the issue instead of responding in anger.

Final Words

Finally, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven by John van de Ruit highlights the importance of unconditional love as a crucial element in any relationship between children and adults. This book helps kids develop an appropriate balance of love and acceptance so that they can create meaningful relationships in their own lives. Peaceful parenting involves teaching kids how to develop and nurture genuine, unconditional relationships with their parents, siblings, and friends. Through this well-illustrated, action-packed, and soul-searching read, kids learn that true peace comes from being able to walk the fence between love and hatred.

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