Child Psychologist Education Requirements

child psychologist education

Child psychologist is a tough profession and not everyone-under-the-blue-sky can become one. It is not exactly a doctor’s profession as you need to have some different education requirements for this profession.

What is Child Psychology?

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A child psychologist studies your child’s environmental factors, behavioral developments and learning patterns that affect children from infancy through adolescence. Later, child psychologists can even specialize in development psychology, adolescent psychology or abnormal psychology. Parents of those children who have suffered some kind of trauma or who have some physical or mental disability should seek help from a child psychologist. These professionals play the role of an advisor, counsellor, doctor and researcher to help with the social, academic or mental wellbeing of your child.

If you want to become a child psychologist, you need to learn more about this profession.

What does a Child Psychologist do?

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Child Psychologists work in private sectors or have their own private clinics. They even collaborate with some academic or healthcare professionals to help them counsel such children. They may work in daycares, courts, schools, colleges, hospitals, government sectors and other such research facilities. They should have the following skills:

Strong observation and communication skills

Complex problem-solving



Analytical evaluation


Motivation to help others

Child Psychologists can choose the following areas as their expertise:

Adolescent Psychology

Development Child Psychology

Abnormal Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist Education Requirements

You need to have a master’s degree with a major in child development or clinical psychology studies. Next, you need to do your Ph.D., that focuses on a particular research. You can even opt to do a Psy.D, which only focuses on clinical practice. These can come much later in your profession when you want to do an advance degree course. You can begin after master’s level and go in for clinical internships and practicums that are generally integrated into a standard curriculum. You will also need a post0internship experience or some fieldwork experience to get a state licensure and a certificate to start practicing.

Licensure for Child Psychologists

Each state has its own specific requirements for licensures. Professionals need to meet those licensure requirements to get a certificate and to be able to practice in these states. In a few states, psychologists work in a college, university or in a research laboratory that do not need a licensure.

These child psychologist licensure requirements include meeting the educational critera such as a doctoral degree in psychology. This degree should be accredited by the college or university. They need to pass the EPPP test, demonstrate their competencies in psychology. Each state has different parameters to score minimum requirements and new child psychologists need to adhere to all such requirements.

The candidates must also accrue supervised clinical hours designated by the state’s licensing board. Some states also require candidates to pass a jurisprudence exam.

These are some of the basic child psychologist education requirements to qualify for the profession.

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