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Christian parenting books like “Spanking the Bible” often include Bible verses and parenting tips. A common theme in parenting books is that parents can improve their parenting by using Bible principles and concepts. Many of these books are written by experts who work with the Christian faith, so some of them are even more helpful for Christians than for non-believers.

Biblical parenting is based on a set of principles that parents learn about from their faith. The principles say that children should be brought up in a loving, safe environment where they can learn basic morals. Children should also be educated to be responsible adults. Children should not be allowed to be disobedient or hurtful.

What Does Bible Say

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Many Christian parenting books contain lists of parenting strategies that are related to these principles. They are designed to help parents make effective decisions on how to raise their children.

For example, one book is called “Spanking the Bible: The Biblical Answer to Child Discipline.” It says that the Bible teaches us that children should be encouraged to obey their parents rather than force them to do things that they do not want to do. It also teaches that a child’s behavior is not his or her responsibility, but is usually the parents fault.

What Is Child Discipline According To Bible

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The book goes on to say that parents should teach their children to obey their parents rather than forcing their children to do things that they don’t want to do. The book suggests that parents try to communicate with their children and make them feel loved and accepted. The Bible encourages families to keep the family values and beliefs strong. So the idea is that parents should stick to the beliefs that have been established in the Bible.

Another book that talks about child discipline is called “The Five Love Languages,” which contains many techniques for communicating with your children. It teaches parents how to use positive reinforcement, praise, and rewards in order to encourage children to follow the same behaviors. Some parents also talk about how to teach children to behave with integrity. These techniques can also be used with adults, so they apply to all age groups.

Other books about parenting include books such as “The Wisdom of Solomon” which talks about raising a healthy Christian family. One chapter in the book focuses on how parents should treat each other. The book also talks about ways that parents can get help for their children. and how they can make their homes more loving places.

Rules To Follow

The author of the book, Donna Ashford, has received many awards and is an expert in Bible studies. She has also written several books on Christian parenting. She is considered one of the best Christian parenting authors in the United States.

The book also talks about how parents can recognize the signs of child abuse and how they can stop it. It tells parents to read the Old Testament and to watch out for signs that their children may be mistreated. The book also discusses how to identify the signs that a child may be molested and how to deal with it. Some of the examples of molestation and neglect are rape, being locked in a room and left alone to starve, and being sexually abused and even being killed.

“Spanking the Bible” also talks about child discipline, using the Bible to discipline your children and even teaches parents how to discipline themselves. by using biblical principles.


According to a study done by the Barna Research Center, there are over 7 million Christians in America today who have a strong faith in the Bible. The study said, “God is not only a loving God, but that He is a forgiving God as well. Therefore, if a parent is not loving to his or her children, then it is impossible for him or her to be loving to God and the other members of his household. The Bible says that God is always looking out for His children.”

“Spanking the Bible: The Bible Answer to Child Discipline” will definitely help parents raise children in the way of love. and teaching them what the Bible teaches them.

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