Dutch Parenting Book- Here Are Some Secrets To Raise Your Child

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For children their home is the first school, they should be taught good habits by their parents. For parents it is an important task to raise their child a happy one. In this article we are going to discuss the Dutch Parenting Book. The Dutch people raise their children happily and they grow up with good health due to it. Every parent wants their children to grow up with good health. If you’re one of the parents who wants to do parenting in a good manner here you have found a perfect place for you. So we are going to tell you some of the secrets to raising your child through the Dutch Parenting Book, so to get this amazing information you must check this whole article.

1.  A Good Sleep

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Sleep is the most important thing in human life at all stages. So when the child is at growing and developing age he or she should get a proper sleep. The Dutch children get plenty of sleep also according to the research Dutch people take more sleep than average.

2.  Spending Time With Parents

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While raising a child parents should try to spend time with him or her. The Dutch people work in a manner that they have one complete day to spend with their kids. Working mothers and even father’s too spend their time too. Spending time with the children makes the bond between child and parents strong and even they really understand each other.

3.  Kids Are Encouraged To Express Their Own Opinions

In many families kids are now allowed to share their opinions with the elder one. But the people of Dutch encourage their kids to express their opinion. These small things make a lot of difference in parenting kids. Parents get to understand about them and their opinion and they can correct them if they are wrong in any way.

4.  Kids Do Biking

Dutch do have less roads where they can use the car so mostly they travel using cycles and bikes. The Dutch people encourage their children to bike. They even sent them to teachers to learn it.

5.  They Eats Together

Eating together with the family has a mass impact on the children. Dutch people sit on the table with the family at least a day (mostly at breakfast or dinner or can be both) and have their meals.


Raising a healthy and happy child is the responsibility of every parent. You must try as many ways possible to give your child good habits and he or she must grow with a healthy mental and physical health. We have discussed the Dutch Parenting Book and have shared some amazing secrets to raise your child a happy one. Hope you have got the information that will help you.

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