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Raising Kingdom Kids

Raising Kingdom Kids is a book written by popular parenting author, Lisa Olson, who is a former child psychologist. In Raising Kingdom Kids, Olson tackles many parenting topics. From raising rebellious, independent kids through to raising children in an accepting family environment.

Raising Kingdom Kids begins with the introduction of what it means to be a “King”. From the wildly selling author of Kingdom Man and the wildly popular book, Kingdom Woman. Raising King Kids teaches parents to adopt a more “King” attitude when dealing with rebellious children. The book focuses on positive reinforcement and teaches parents to be consistent in the way they deal with their children. One of the most important parts of this book is that parents are made to understand. That children have a need for structure and are not able to function properly without it. Olson’s writing style is very engaging, which makes the subject matter very easy to grasp.

What Is Raising Kingdom Kids All About?

Raising Kingdom Kids: A Parental Book
Raising Kingdom Kids: A Parental Book

The first chapter of Raising King Kids, entitled “Family Matters” explains what parents can do to improve the family unit. The chapter provides useful tips for keeping children in line and out of trouble by providing examples of good behavior. Additionally, Olson introduces new age techniques such as the use of positive reinforcement. And provides examples of ways parents can create a better home environment for their children.

Chapter two, “Words of Advice”, includes parenting advice for parents who are having difficulty disciplining their children. Olson provides helpful tips for parents on how to handle difficult situations. This chapter also provides a short explanation of how the concept of “rewards and consequences” affects children. In the section entitled “The Importance of Learning”, Olson provides several sample activities that parents can use to teach children about being respectful of parents and their authority.

Chapter three, “What Parents Can Do”, provides parenting tips for parents who have recently lost a child. The book provides useful tips for surviving the grief process, including the importance of communicating with your children. The fourth chapter is titled “Tips on Child Discipline”. The chapter provides tips on how to enforce proper behavior from a young age, including establishing good habits.

Raising Kingdom Kids also features tips on how to deal with the problems which arise after the birth of a child, including teaching children the difference between right and wrong behavior, and learning how to deal with the death of a parent or other loved one. Throughout the entire text, Olson provides useful tips on how to help you and your children learn to manage their lives without the need to be overly involved in everything that occurs within their homes.

Learn From The Book

What Is Raising Kingdom Kids Book All About?
What Is Raising Kingdom Kids Book All About?

Raising King Kids also provides valuable information on dealing with teenage behavior problems. This book provides tips for dealing with troubled teens through various tips for parenting techniques that have been used successfully in the past. These techniques include positive reinforcement, setting realistic expectations, and encouraging good behaviors. Olson also includes an extensive list of resources on dealing with difficult teenagers.

The fifth chapter, “Crisis Situations,” provides great tips for coping with challenging situations. Including preparing for possible future crises and creating strategies to get through tough times. Olson also gives examples of effective ways to deal with issues. Such as teen violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and even bullying.

Chapter six, “Tips on Parent-Child Communication”, provides tips for dealing with difficult conversations between parents and their children. The book also contains useful tips on how to address anger management issues, communication with the teen’s peers. And helping children overcome behavioral problems which include fear and self-esteem. In the last section, Olson provides tips on how to deal with difficult teenagers. In the event that they become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or engage in bullying activities.

Raising King Kids is a book that parents should take time to read. Olson does an excellent job of teaching both parents and children how to manage their lives without taking on all the responsibility themselves.


The book is a great place for parents to go through some of the most important topics in their daily life and learn new things, such as how to handle difficult situations, coping with peer pressure, and dealing with difficult teenagers. problems.

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