Free Range Parenting Book Ideas And Concepts You Should Learn Now

free range parenting book

When you get a parenting advice from Free Range Parenting Book and you are kind of skeptical about the same always consider the person who is giving you the advice. If this advice comes from someone really close to you think about considering it as it is a genuine advice. There are a lot of people who just love giving advices, beware of those people as maybe the advice they are giving is not even foolproof as they are giving you an advice just for the sake of it.

Free Range Parenting Book – Can you follow it?

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Differentiating unwanted and real parenting advice is hard, but the major deciding factor is will you be able to follow the advice. People give bizarre advice like for e.g. Let your baby cry to sleep it helps in making the baby independent at a young age. If you are not going to be comfortable following the advice it is unwanted, as simple as that. As how much ever lessons you take for parenting the real deal is anyway going to be different and it is something you need to figure out on your own.

Free Range Parenting Book – More Ideas

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• Hygiene – Every child is prone to illness, it is inevitable, but maintaining hygiene helps to overcome these illnesses with ease. Washing hands with soap, a mandatory brushing and bathing at night can help your baby stay healthy. Warm baths at night also help to rejuvenate the body and soothe the baby. Added to that, it helps them sleep better. Even if you leave your baby at the day care, the bath at night can help your baby stay healthy.

• Massage – A massage takes not more than 5 mins, before bathing the child, give it a massage with oil on your warm hands and let it stay on for 15 mins in a quiet and calm environment. Massaging helps to stimulate the blood vessels and encourages physical growth.

• Bed time stories – Pictures and colors are very fascinating to a baby. Although technology has taken over this job, story-telling can be very stimulating for your baby and you. Parents who narrate stories to children tend to connect better with the babies and get better with explaining. Mental health is important to a baby just as much as physical health is. Stories jog the brain and help understand concepts. Neural development is also faster.

• Food – Fast food is a big no-no for your infant. Do not give your children junk for meals. If you are in a hurry feed your baby fruits or mashed veggies. Even bread baked in your house is safer than the breakfast you get outside. Avocado puree, sweet potato puree, pea puree, brown rice cereal are all healthy foods you can try. Substitute Jaggery for sugar when serving desserts, it helps in purifying the blood.


Always remember one thing that people give advice based on their experiences and it does not make sense to always follow them as it is not necessary that you will also be having the same experiences. Keep the genuine and practical advice for being a good parent and just ignore the rest of them.

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