Funny Parenting Tips – How To Have Fun While educating

funny parenting tips

Are you looking for funny parenting tips? There are many out there. Many of them are great ways to spend time with your children. Here are three parenting tips that I have found to be very funny and that my family enjoys.

The first funny parenting tips is one that I am sure that a lot of parents are familiar with. It’s called watching your child’s favorite television shows while taking a bath. Now I know that this may seem like a bizarre parenting tip, but it is funny in a way. You are taking a bath, which for most parents is not a fun time.

Funny Parenting Tips

All of a sudden, you stop taking baths because of all the screaming going on on the television. You turn on the bathroom sink, and there is your child in a diaper. So you get out the camera and start filming. What you are going to find is that after the first few times, you will laugh so hard that your kid will burst into laughter. You can add some funny comments throughout the video or cut out the parts you don’t find funny and save them to watch at a later time. The funny tip here is to always have a camera handy.

The second funny parenting tip is to do something crazy like give a dollar to every child that gets a laugh. Now, as you know, this is only applicable if you have a video camera. If you don’t, you can just give up the cash. If you have been a good listener, you will be surprised that some children will be crying over the fact that you gave them a dollar. You will make these videos a tradition, and your kids will be hooked on them.

Things To Consider For Funny Parenting Tips

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The third funny parenting tip is to record yourself and your spouse talking. Then edit together to form a funny parenting video. You can play this back for your kids to watch over. Your kids will laugh every time they see themselves and their parents speaking together in a funny way. There really is no end to the different ways you can use this to teach your kids.

The fourth and final funny parenting tip is to make sure you have some music playing while you are recording the video. This will help to bring out the best parts of your recording. There are many programs that you can purchase to make this process much easier. Just be sure to buy one that you are going to be happy with.

These funny parenting tips may seem like common sense, but they are actually very easy to do. All you need is a short video. You can either make it yourself or pay someone else to make it for you. If you record it yourself, then you get instant funny parenting tips. If you pay someone to do it, you get to look through all of the different angles that they may not think of. This will leave you with a better product that you are excited about.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that these funny parenting video tips do not always have to be in bad taste. For example, if you are talking about how your child was not ready for home school, you could use a funny parenting video to explain that point. It is only a matter of taking the time to find the right ones that will help you explain things in a way that your child will understand. Once you get them to understand it, they will enjoy watching the funny parenting video with you over again. Then you will know you have found a great tool that is both fun and educational at the same time.

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