How Single Parents Can Raise Healthy and Productive Kids

active parenting book

Active Parenting is a concept that first struck me as a bit strange at first. As a parent, you spend so much time doing the day to day things without really stopping to notice the little things around you. I was surprised to learn that there is such a thing as active parenting. The book explains, it is the opposite of passive parenting and outlines the types of activities that your child’s actions are influenced by.

The book divides active parents into three main categories. Those who are involved in their children’s day to day lives. These parents set rules, set budgets, schedule play dates and more. Those who are more involved with their children’s activities. These parents read to their kids, set a bedtime routine, help choose activities and much more.

Active Parenting Book

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The idea behind this is to make your child feel as though they are a part of everything. Children are social beings and with parents who are actively involved, they can play freely and with other kids. It’s not only their education, that is benefited but also their social skills. This is especially important for those who live with siblings or other children who are similar to them in age and ability. I believe this is also beneficial for single parents because they get an added support system and learn how to deal with their children in a different manner.

The reason I like this book so much is because of the many examples that appear in the book. There are pictures of a real family picture. There are also some essays about how each of the parents has impacted the kids and how each parent has changed over the years.

The most riveting part of the book for me was the section on single parents and how they are like active parents. After reading many books and articles on this subject I was really interested. I learned many things about myself and my husband that made me a better parent. I also had the opportunity to talk to many other parents who have raised their children without one of them being active parent. These experiences and insights are extremely valuable.

A Much Ado

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The author, Lisa Nichols, has put together her own experience in raising her two kids while being an only parent. She has shared her story with others including the kids’ teachers and the school board. There is a very helpful set of resources included that have been highly recommended by other parents. This book really provides a unique perspective on being a single parent and the responsibilities we all assume.

Although the book does cover some legal issues regarding raising kids as a single parent, it doesn’t make you think that you need to become an active parent. In fact, the legal aspect of the book is only a small part. The real focus of the book is on the life of the parents after the birth and on the true value of being an active parent. Many parents who were never involved in child-rearing have raised well-behaved, mentally healthy kids. Even though the book only covers the legal issues regarding being a parent, it is a helpful guide for anyone considering a child-rearing experience. As a parent myself, I agree with the author that being an only parent is not easy.

Bottom Line 

But being an only parent is not without its challenges. Lisa Nichols’ book will help parents like me understand how difficult it is to be an only parent and will hopefully give us some encouragement. Being an only parent can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the support of those you love and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your kids safe. This book is a good read for anyone who is serious about being an active parent.

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