Importance Of Cognitive Development In The Early Childhood

The initial few years of your child’s life are crucial in their development generally. This makes most of the parents worry about the cognitive development in their child which they need in the early stages. When your child is under 3 years of age, he or she is making about 700 – 1000 neural connections in their brain every second.

Therefore, this means that their brain is constantly up to something or the other and your child is trying to learn new things every moment.

As you grow older, your adaptability to changes reduces, which is why the first initial years of your child’s life are extremely critical in their overall development. This cognitive development would help them succeed in the future by making them better individuals

Cognitive development: why is it important?

Cognitive development helps in providing your child with the ability to pay attention to details and think about the world that surrounds them. The everyday experiences that your child goes through plays an essential role in their overall cognitive development.

Furthermore, it helps in building memory, enhances attention and focus, and builds an ability to respond to the information and experiences that they deal with on the day to day basis.

You can compare the cognitive development of your child to an air traffic control tower which takes necessary information and processes it on a daily basis. In the same way, your child learns about their surroundings, takes in the information and processes it in their brain before they respond to them or take any action.

Importance Of Cognitive Development In The Early Childhood
Importance Of Cognitive Development In The Early Childhood

What are the different skills that fall under cognitive development?

There are several skills that fall under the cognitive development of your child. These skills are:

  1. Logical and reasoning skills
  2. Attention
  3. Memory
  4. Controlling skills
  5. Flexibility and ability to adapt to newer things and situations
  6. Analyzing and evaluating skills
  7. Ability to compare and find similarities between things
  8. Exploring and understanding the process of causes and effects
  9. Critical thinking skills
  10. Higher-level thinking
Importance Of Cognitive Development In The Early Childhood
Importance Of Cognitive Development In The Early Childhood

How can you support your child in building these skills?

You take several measures to make sure that the cognitive development in your child is taking place at the needed rate.

  1. Help your child to stay focussed and pay attention by limiting the interruptions and distractions around them.
  2. Express an interest in your kid’s day to day activities and try observing and reflecting on your beliefs about what they try to accomplish.
  3. Spark newer ways of curiosity in them by offering them things in different ways.
  4. Spark curiosity in them when you notice things and suggest them to see things if they happened differently.
  5. Offer your child with materials that are challenging to them yet interesting.
  6. Share your child’s joys when they accomplish something, be it something small or big.
  7. Help your child in developing memory when you keep the routine and the arrangement of the room predictable. You can do so by keeping their toys in a place where they can easily find them.
  8. Talk to your child about what they did during their day.
  9. Provide your child with opportunities for sorting, categorizing, matching and comparing with several activities and toys.
  10. Encourage your child to solve problems

In Conclusion

To sum up, cognitive development plays a crucial role in your child’s life and you must make sure that you enhance this development in a proper manner.

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