Parenting Tips For 5-Year-olds – Easy Parenting Tips

parenting tips for 5 year olds

5-year-old children are going to have a lot of different personality traits. The bad thing is that their behavior can make life very difficult for you. It’s not easy to figure out what really works and what doesn’t. However, there are some things you can do to help make things easier for you. Here are a few parenting tips for 5-year-olds that can really help you understand your child.

Think Like A Child And Spend Time With Them

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When you interact with your child, you should try to think like them. This means that you should try to model the things they do. For instance, you can ask them a question about something that they’ve seen and they should be able to answer it correctly. Then you can tell them what you did.

Parenting tips for 5-year-olds suggest that you spend a lot of time with them. This is important since they are starting to get quite large. It is also important because your child will get tired easily if you spend too much time with them. So, plan to spend a decent amount of time with them each day. Your child needs time to rest as well.

Another important tip is to take your time. This is especially true since your child will likely become bored if you don’t do anything for a while. Take deep breaths, play some soothing music, or talk to your child. While you’re at it, take some time to just relax and play with your pet.

Teach Them Good Habits And Set Boundaries

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Some tips for parenting for 5-year-olds recommend limiting the television. While this might seem counterproductive, it actually can be a good idea. Because most children don’t want to watch TV, they won’t have any desire to watch it. When you limit the television, you’ll also limit the number of snacks that you give your child. Kids don’t like being hungry. They eat just to keep from being hungry.

Make sure that your child bathes on a regular schedule. Some research shows that bathing once every two weeks actually reduces the amount of dirt and germs that are picked up from the bathroom by a child. It also helps to create a more positive environment so that your child feels safe. Many parents have noticed that bathing their child in the sink can help to reduce fighting. So, take advantage of the opportunity to take your child out for a nice, calm shower.

Some More Useful Tips

Also, try to make mealtime more fun for your child. Offer your child’s favorite toy during dessert. Make sure that you take some time to sing to your child’s favorite toy or give him a special treat before dinner. Allowing your child to be involved with his or her food will make him or her more interested in eating it.

The last of the parenting tips for 5-year-olds is very simple but can really help out if you remember to do one thing. Keep track of your child’s progress each day. Record how many points you gave your child for good behavior. Then, after every game or day that he or she didn’t get five points, give them a small reward. This will encourage the child to want to please you.

Another great idea is to set aside one hour of the day just for your child. This should be a time for you and your child to just be together. This helps both of you to bond and it will allow your child’s active mind to rest during the day. You’ll find that your child will be much happier this way, as well as much more attentive.

These tips may seem simple, but they really are helpful. Take the time to figure out what your routine is for helping your child with homework. Some moms find that setting a bedtime for themselves and their little one works best. Others find that setting aside some quiet time works best. Whatever you choose to do, however, it’s important to stick with it.


Take the time to think about how you can help to make your child a happier and healthier person. Some of these tips may even bring you some joy as you work on it. Even if you feel like you can’t implement them all at once, try to do as much as you can in a week’s time. Eventually your parenting tips for 5-year-olds will pay off and you will have something that your child will love.

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