The Art of Effective Child Discipline

effective child discipline

Every parent needs to instill the right principles and values in their children right from a young age. There are many misconceptions regarding discipline. There are some parents who are very strict with their children thinking that being strict with their children will help them bring them up as good adults. But this is a very wrong upbringing practice. Such kids fail to develop a bond with their parents and often turn rebellious and violent. They later do the same with their families and fail to become good parents. On the other hand, parents who raise their children with a lot of pampering turn them into spoilt teenagers and adults who cannot hear a ‘no’ for an answer. These children later become rude with their parents. A parent needs to strike the right balance. 

Benefits of Good Discipline in Children

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  • Children who grow under a secure and healthy family atmosphere are more attached to their parents when they grow up. Such children also end up having contended and happy relations with their spouses.
  • Such a child can handle their emotions better and can deal with stressful situations in a better way.
  • A healthy parent-child relationship promotes a better emotional, social and mental growth of the child. Such a child is able to interact with the society in a better way.
  • Such a child is more confident and exhibits an optimistic overall personality.
  • A child who has a healthy and positive relationship with parents ends up performing better in arts, sports or academics.
  • Such children have better problem-solving skills. They also turn out to be better neighbors and better citizens.

Tips for Parents to Instill Proper Discipline

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  • Never compare your child with others.
  • Always appreciate your child for their efforts, even if they are not up to the mark. 
  • You can always help them do better by pushing them ahead in the right way.
  • Motivation in the right sense always helps your child’s growth.
  • Spend more time with your children.
  • Try and take out time for important school events like parent’s day, sport’s day, etc.
  • Always reinforce good manners in a healthy and stern way.
  • Never make promises that you cannot keep.
  • Always keep your phones or laptops on the side when your child wants to speak to you.
  • Take them to fun parks, amusement parks, theatre, etc on weekends and spend happy holidays with them.
  • Indulge in happy DIY tasks with them to enable better bonding. 
  • Have boundaries, rules and consequences to ensure that you also impose certain strictness on your children.
  • Always give time to your child, listen and empathize. Your child should find a friend in you always.

There are various ways to ensure a healthy and positive relationship with your child right from the beginning. Also, as a good parent, always make sure that you help you child in problem solving in such a way that he/she later tries to do the same themselves. This will help in building a better bond with your child and also upbringing better individuals in the society.

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