The Divorce Memoir by Bill Cosby: The Best Book Ever

bill cosby parenting book

“Bill Cosby Parenting Books” by Peg Pickering is a comprehensive manual for parents of young children. It is written in a very friendly and caring tone. There are over forty pages of great advice on how to raise kids. This book also covers important issues such as practical pregnancy advice and how to deal with teenage pregnancy. There is even a short bonus booklet at the beginning of the book, which has a number of helpful hints and tips. The book contains an extract from the Life of Bill Cosby DVD, which gives more information on the relationship between Bill Cosby and his ex-wife.

I found the DVD informative and interesting, especially the part on the aftermath of the affair. My daughter did not like the fact that her father was being portrayed as a villain, even though in the film, he is indeed the villain. I thought it was very well done.

Bill Cosby Parenting Book

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I also enjoyed the sections on practical issues relating to raising children. There was a good chapter on dealing with divorce and its impact on children. There is also a good chapter on getting your ex back if you do have a daughter who has recently split from you. In this book, you learn to get your ex to come back to you.

You also learn how to deal with other siblings if your daughter has a boyfriend. It is shown in this book that all siblings can get along and that it is better not to argue when there is a dispute. There are also sections on how to deal with financial problems if your ex had a prenuptial agreement. These are all practical tips that make it easy to understand and apply the advice in the book.

A Much Ado

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Peg Pickering also does a good job of explaining the legal aspects of a divorce, such as what obligations each spouse has to one another. She also explains in clear and simple language the different legal aspects and how they may affect your decision. I also liked the section on asset protection. It explained who has what assets during a divorce and the effects of those assets on each party. It also showed who has to pay for spousal support if there is a divorce.

This is an interesting book because Bill Cosby does not sugarcoat things or hide the facts about his actions or his guilt. The book has so many practical tips, it makes you think about the big picture and not just the individual component parts. There are no empty promises here either – Bill Cosby takes responsibility for what he does, apologizes, and does not blame anyone but himself. It is refreshing to read someone do the same. This book is recommended to people who are just thinking about ending a marriage or relationship.

Peg Pickering is also very thorough when it comes to her research and writing. This is evident in how many chapters there are and how much information is covered in each one. This is very important if you are considering going back into a relationship or marriage due to regret or anger. It is understandable why you want to hold onto that person – but you can’t if the other person doesn’t care. It is important that you do not stay in a bad relationship with someone who doesn’t care.

Bottom Line

What I really like about this book, besides the fact that it is so well written, is that it addresses so many problems so well and is applicable to many people – both the ex-partner and the other person. It is written in such a way it makes you think. The book is not dry and boring. It is witty, insightful, and even provides examples of situations where you may activate the exact same way. So, whether you just want to vent, get back together with your ex, or resolve some other conflict within your relationship, this is the best resource for you.

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