The Many Benefits Of Visiting The Child Education Center At Berkeley

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For Mission: Since 1981, The Child Education Center has been an excellent place for small children to learn, offering preschool, full-day kindergarten, and after-school summer programs. Full-time, flexible & part-time options. Located in the heart of the East Bay, right in Emeryville, you’ll be able to get the best education for your child at an affordable price.

The Child Education Center Strives To Provide An Experience For All Of Its Participants

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Income is not a problem here. Most of our participants are low-income families, working with public funds. The child education center strives to provide an enriching, challenging, culturally-sound experience for all of its participants. We offer a child-friendly environment for our students and hope you’ll feel comfortable here. Our friendly staff will make you feel welcome, and your child will leave here excited and eager to learn.

The Child Education Center Berkeley provides full-day kindergarten, preschool and after-school summer programs for extremely small children, leaving their parents free to do what they want – including take care of their kids. Our highly qualified teachers make sure that each child develops appropriate skills for school and beyond. Preschoolers will develop academic, social and emotional skills, while the young children will acquire essential language, math, and science skills. All of our offerings to help our students become responsible, independent citizens when they leave the education center.

The Most Comprehensive And Innovative Ways Possible

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One of our most popular programs is Montessori centers. This program offers one on one instruction in the most comprehensive and innovative ways possible. At the Montessori Education Center, parents and children came together to create a daily schedule, manage their daily goals and dreams, and nurture a child’s unique personality. This approach helps a child adjust quickly to the demands of his new environment and to the demands of his educational program. Programs offered at the center include after-school enrichment programs and specialty classes for low-income families.

The second most popular program offered at the Child Education Center Berkeley is Art, Learning and Culture. Classes at the center are designed for students with an inclination towards creative or visual arts. Artists will find a variety of studio options at the center, where they will be able to display their work, and discuss how it relates to their personal and academic goals. The curriculum will consist of both texts and hands-on art projects. In addition to learning art, students will learn to prepare presentations, create music, build websites, and much more.

The Center Also Offers Parent Games Day

The center also offers Parent/Games Day. This special event allows parents to connect with other parents during an afternoon of free games, fun, and exploration. This is a chance for students and parents to engage one another in fun, informational activities, allowing them to strengthen their parental bond while providing their child with a chance to experience the joys of free play. Throughout the day, children will enjoy drawing, playing musical instruments, playing board games, or other related activities.

A final educational option at the Child Education Center Berkeley is the International Youth Learning Exchange. This is a unique program that is designed to bring together youth from different countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds. Through this program, children will interact with teachers from other nations and learn a language, while receiving cultural instruction in their own language.

Final Words

With a strong focus on student-teacher interaction, the Child Education Center Berkeley strives to offer its students a broad range of experiences and educational opportunities. These types of educational opportunities are especially important in a highly progressive, fast-paced world. It’s important for students to gain a broad perspective on the world around them, as well as to develop skills that will help them in the future. The center strongly supports these endeavors by providing a wide range of student groups, along with professional development and classroom advising. If you’re interested in using this type of services to your benefit, simply contact the Child Education Center at Berkeley. They are happy to assist you!

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