Ultimate Guide To Child Discipline Methods

Child discipline methods

As a parent, you would like to raise a disciplined child with good character. Well raising a child who can manage their behavior and practice self-control is no easy task. It requires patience, compromise, and effort. Maybe that is why you would like to use these child discipline methods.

The method of child disciplining is a personal choice. It depends on the child’s temperament and parenting philosophies. However, over time you get to know what is working and what is suitable for a particular situation. So, let us drive right in.

Gentle Discipline

Gentle discipline is about managing one’s emotions as a parent but also correcting a child’s behavior at the same time. This method does not involve corporal punishment. The method aims at addressing the cause of misbehavior.

This method involves spelling out the consequences of every action. Misbehaving is followed by negative consequences that act as deterrence of such behavior in the future. For example, if your child does not do homework, they must write a two paged essay explaining why.

Effective Child Discipline Methods
Child Discipline Methods

Positive Discipline

Among child discipline methods is positive disciplining which focuses on teaching and encouragement. This method is based on respect within the parent-child relationship. Positive discipline requires that you also be firm and authoritative.

Positive discipline teaches about problem-solving, cooperation, and accountability. As a parent, you must actively involve yourself in helping your child to come up with a solution to their behavioral problems.

Boundary-Based Discipline

This kind of discipline involves setting out clear rules and definite limits to guide behavior. Each action of misbehavior has a consequence, whether imposed or naturally occurring. This method is effective when dealing with disobedience and negligence.

The consequences set out to make a child more compliant thus reduces behavioral problems. For example, if your child refuses to make his bed in the morning then you do not allow them to go outside. You can also let your child learn by experience, whenever they leave their toys outside the rain ruins them.

Child Discipline Methods
Child Discipline Methods

Emotion Coaching

Emotion coaching is a technique whereby children are taught about their emotions. They are also taught how to understand and manage how they feel. They are encouraged to tell of how they feel instead of suppressing their emotions. This method requires deep communication and connection.

As a parent, you also need to be aware of your emotions together with the child’s feelings. Knowing your child’s emotions allows you to help come up with a solution to what they feel before they misbehave.

Behavior Modification

The main idea in this method is modifying a child’s behavior using positive or negative consequences depending on their action. It involves punishment and reinforcement which can either be positive or negative.

So, in this method punishment can either be positive or negative. Positive punishment means adding a duty because of misbehaving. Negative punishment means taking something away from the children for example a privilege. Positive reinforcement involves praising while negative reinforcement is using reprimands.

Final Word

These child discipline methods form a basis for other discipline strategies. You can read more about them to get more knowledge on child discipline methods. Also, identify what works for you and your child since these child discipline methods have different effects on different children.

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