Using The Child Education Fund For Advancing Child Development

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Since the launch of the programme more than 350 underprivileged women have enrolled in the GCF. These women belong to the “Rural Development” sector who are most affected by the poverty and educational deficiencies that affect them. The GCF believes that education is the key to a prosperous and secure society. 

As part of its strategy for combating illiteracy, the GCF works in conjunction with the governments of these four African countries to provide quality education to the girl children. In doing so, the GCF has developed projects which include training rural mothers and providing them with education in their communities so that they can take advantage of the development programs.

Trained Some 5 Hundred Rural African Mothers

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The Girl Child Education Fund has trained some 5 hundred rural African mothers over the last two years. By introducing them to development programmes, the fund has helped them to improve the conditions of their children’s homes and to improve their employment prospects. 

They live in simple and manageable homes. They work with the organisations providing education to the girls in their area. Through these projects, the fund has provided educational materials, including school books, notes paper, and primary health care, among others, for these poor women.

Empower The Girl Children

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The aim of the Girl Child Education Fund is to empower the girl children. In the areas where this fund is operating, there has been rapid improvement in the conditions of the children living in poverty. This has occurred because the educational infrastructure has been improved. There has also been establishment of health clinics and schools. Through these projects, the parents are able to educate their children at lower cost.

Through this programme, rural African girls are able to receive higher education. However, many of them have chosen to drop out of school and remain unemployed. By introducing this programme, they are being given a new choice. Through this fund, they can pursue higher education and contribute to the economic development of their community.

Providing Quality Education

The projects include setting up of Primary Health Care units, primary schools, vocational and adult learning centres, girls’ empowerment groups, sports and recreational activities and vocational instruction. All of these projects aim at providing quality education. The primary objective is to improve the health, nutrition and life expectancy of the girls. Through this fund, the educational standards of these girls are being maintained.

Secondary Education is the major aim of the projects. These projects provide quality education for the girls. Most of the projects to improve the conditions of rural women. Secondary Education projects aim at providing bright, talented and intelligent rural girls with an opportunity to complete their secondary education. They learn computer skills, embroidery, agriculture, horticulture, painting and weaving.

Help The Farmers To Improve The Conditions

There are projects that help the farmers to improve the conditions of the food they sell, and projects that promote sports and recreation for the poor people. The projects include setting up of technical centers, Primary Health Care units, Primary Schools, Women Entrepreneurship programmes, etc. All these projects aim at providing quality education to the girls of the community.


The child education fund was first established as a part of South Africa Solidarity for Children (SAC) in 2021. The fund has gone through various changes and additions along the way. It was first used to set up the Special School for Girls. Later, the fund was expanded to include all the child sectors. Today, this fund is providing scholarships for child education in almost every nation of the world.

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