What Does The Brain Child Education Center Offer


It is a not for profit organization that works for the benefit of children in various states of the USA. It was founded by Lisa Olson, a mother who felt that the educational system simply did not give children enough options for learning. It is a national non-profit organization and it works in conjunction with other centers in other states to provide state-funded programs for those children whose lives have been touched by the brain injury.

The Programs Offer A Holistic Approach To Learning


It includes art therapies, physical activities, music, and cognitive skills training. These activities are designed by professionals in the fields of neurology and developmental psychology. They will work with the children’s families to ensure that they have the right amount of information. The parents will also be provided with support and encouragement. They will be given the tools and encouragement to get their child to school successfully each day.

In every state across the country, there are several such Brain Child Education Centers. Some centers offer only one type of activity, while others offer a wide variety of them. They also come in various formats, one of which is a DVD learning program. These centers offer a format that children can use at home or when they are at school so that they can learn the skills while they are at their leisure. The DVDs feature activities that are interactive and that can be played without the help of the child or parent.

Dvds Include Reading Lessons

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Some of the DVDs include reading lessons, math activities, writing activities, art and music lessons, and cognitive assessments. The activities are designed in a way so that the child does not get bored easily. The activities help in the child’s learning and growth. Some of the DVDs can be purchased along with the study guide that comes along with the school itself.

Centers That Offer The Option Of Online Learning

There are also centers that offer the option of online learning. This is an excellent idea for any child because it gives them a chance to take the course from the convenience of their home. All that is needed is a computer with an Internet connection. The child does not have to go out of the house and sit in front of the screen. He can simply remain at home and access the course from there.

 Activities Included In The Brain Child Learning Center

Some of the activities included in the Brain Child Learning Center include: listening skills, color recognition, story telling, basic math skills, art activities and music activities. There are several other subjects that you can choose from as well. Most of these centers offer activities that make learning more fun. There are games and puzzles for children to play, and there are activities designed specifically for the learning goals of the students. Some of the activities include brain teasers and Charades, which are games that are meant to enhance the learning process of the students.

Bottom Lines 

There are other public educational centers that also provide services to help your child. But, the services that Brain Child Education Center offers are much more extensive and comprehensive than those of the other centers. It is one of the most popular education centers in the country.

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