What You Need To Know About Positive Parenting Book by Dr Lauren Markham – A Short Guide

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This is a necessity for every family who yearns for peace and harmony in their home. Reading this book will teach you more about the positive behaviors that will influence your children and how they can positively affect the people around them. If you are a new parent this book is an absolute must read. Your kids will thank you for it when they are grown.

I’m a parent and this book was definitely helpful to me. When I was growing up I had my own issues with my parents and my relationship with them, but through this book I was able to sort out my issues and develop a better relationship with my parents. My daughter is now ten years old and I am thankful that I was able to help her through her childhood with this valuable information. She has become a well known child counselor and would highly recommend this to other parents as a valuable tool for teaching kids to be positive.

The Author Shefali Tsabary 

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The author Shefali Tsabary has prepared this manual for parents to use in teaching kids the basics of parenting. She divides her book into three sections, which focus on recognizing negative behavior, using positive reinforcement, and dealing with defiance. In her introduction, Tsabary talks about how she was raised in a home where there was no room for questioning or fear. These methods were strictly followed and if not followed would lead to turmoil. She gives several tips for successfully raising kids.

 Recognizing Negative Behavior

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The second section of the book covers recognizing negative behavior. Everyone has bad habits but as a parent you can recognize when your child is acting out to get attention or simply trying to get through to you. Dr Markham provides some signs like withdrawing, acting without thought, lying, and getting angry. If you notice any of these behaviors, it is important to talk to your child.

The third section of the book provides several methods for building loving, non-violent communication with your children. Dr Markham emphasizes the importance of parent-child communication and how to create an environment where this occurs. One major tip for raising happy, healthy children is to encourage wholesome behaviors in them by setting clear rules and boundaries. She also gives several tips for raising well-behaved and responsible teens.

New Concept Known As The Gentle Parenting

The fourth section of the book discusses a new concept known as the gentle parenting. This involves employing some mild physical discipline instead of harsh punishments that lead to anger and discipline problems. The author argues for the use of gentle parenting techniques that are best for developing strong relationships with your children. Gentle parenting is based on the belief that children can be effectively disciplined when they feel loved, cared for, and respected. A major tip for parenting teens and adults is to set up clear expectations and stick to them rather than allowing their moods to get out of control.


This is one of the best parenting books out there. If you struggle with teaching your kids how to be well-mannered and responsible, you may find this book helpful. Dr. Markham provides a lot of good advice in an easy to read format. Parents will be glad to find this simple and easy to follow guide to parenting, as they will be able to effectively discipline their children.

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